Euro-dollar logo - Contoxia and logo

Currency transactions – fast, low-cost and transparent

Our euro-dollar logo is a universal symbol in online currency transactions. Regardless of whether you’re interested in international money transfers, online currency exchange or Forex trade payments, the euro-dollar sign has always meant fast, low-cost and transparent solutions provided by both the global brand Conotoxia and the Polish brand,

Manage your currencies

Wherever you are, whatever you do

Euro-dollar sign - Contoxia and logo

Currency exchange

Our services are convenient, no matter your currency needs. At, you can exchange any of our offered twenty-four currencies quickly, safely and free-of-charge, all without leaving the comfort of your home. Our services are available 24/7.

Euro-dollar sign - Contoxia and logo


International money transfers will never be the same - particularly those between the US and Europe. Conotoxia’s services are transparent, fast and budget-friendly.

Euro-dollar sign - Contoxia and logo


Benefit from Conotoxia’s payment services. Buy popular global brands for less. Savings are gained from low currency exchange rates and low margins. Save precious time by utilizing our payment service.

Your finance technology

Our euro-dollar logo also symbolizes high-tech finance, allowing you to perform currency transactions anytime & anyplace.

Teamwork inspires us

Our euro-dollar logo also symbolizes cooperation between both global and local partners who share the same business values as Conotoxia and

World-class sports

Our euro-dollar logo appeared during the UEFA Under21 Poland 2017 European cup. Our company is the global partner of the UEFA EURO U21 tournament.

Our logo is also featured during Chicago Bulls games. Our company is the Official Foreign Currency Exchange and the Official Partner of the legendary NBA team, the Chicago Bulls.

Our company is the Official Sponsor of both the Polish National Football and National Basketball Teams. Our logo is presented at every game.

Supporting local environment sponsors six Polish football teams in the Ekstraklasa league. These teams include: Jagiellonia Białystok, Cracovia, Ruch Chorzów, Zagłębie Lubin, Wisła Płock and Pogoń Szczecin. We also sponsor the Polish basketball champions, Stelmet BC Zielona Góra, as well as the Polish Basketball League.

Euro Dollar sign - Contoxia and logo

Thanks to services symbolized with the euro dollar sign, you can avoid extra expenses related to international transfers like extra fees generated by financial institutions or intermediary banks.

Euro-dollar sign - Contoxia and logo services are available to the global market under the name of Conotoxia. Conotoxia and brand activities are parallel. They share both strategic and communication foundations. The euro-dollar logo, colors and graphic design are the same in both cases.